Culture System

Built on Values Steps

Red puzzle piece:  Values Blueprint

Create a Values Blueprint

A Values Blueprint is the strategic and forward thinking vision for your ideal workplace. The Blueprint sets the stage for action by defining minimum behaviors. When established correctly these values can serve as the basis for communication, hiring, rewards, and company identity.

A Values Blueprint is your opportunity to set your company apart in the eyes of employees and customers.



Yellow puzzle piece:  Hiring "A" Players

Hire "A" Players

Hiring the right people is the most important thing you can do to build your organizational culture. That is why we put special attention on hiring as part of the People Ink Culture System. Our system utilizes several powerful hiring and selection methods to take the guesswork out of hiring decisions and produce more consistent results.


Purple puzzle piece:  Accountability & Rewards

Accountability & Rewards

It’s isn’t enough just to hire “A” players. You have to make sure they stick around. A values-based total rewards and recognition system ensures that employees are rewarded for not only performing well, but also for “living” the values.

Accountability. When values and behaviors are incorporated into the performance review, the organization is saying that values are important enough to be the basis for compensation.


Blue puzzle piece:  Customer Branding

Customer Branding

The Values Blueprint, at its most fundamental, is a rebranding effort. Your values are your brand, and the words you use to communicate those values will solidify them in the minds of both employees and customers, so be consistent in language and presentation. Effectively communicating and rebranding your new values plan requires a focus that goes beyond ordinary marketing and PR efforts.


Green puzzle piece:  Continuous Discipline

Continuous Discipline

A culture built on values requires continuous discipline. Even if you are happy with the way your people are executing the values and behaviors, you must be constantly vigilant and revisit your progress on a regular basis. Organizations that succeed with culture change over the long term have a plan for continuous improvement.

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