Join the Journey

"Our values journey will help unify our campus and recognize how we better support and serve our students, each other, and the community around us."



UNT Events

Meet Our Values Kickoff
January 26, 2023 at 3:30 pm
University Union Emerald Ballroom 314

HSC Events

Meet Our Values Kickoff
January 30, 2023
Medical Education & Training 109-111
9:30 am Gourmet Coffee Bar
10:00 am to 11:00 am Event
UNT System

UNT System Events

Meet Our Values Kickoff
January 31, 2023 at 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Business Service Center

How can you get involved?

As we continue along this journey together, there will be several ways to engage and ultimately become a Values Champion. To help us continue this important work and prioritize areas of focus that will lead us to a values-based culture, we will work with campus leadership to appoint several councils and committees including: UNT System Values Council, Campus Values Committees (four committees, one for each institution), UNT System Hiring Workgroup, UNT System Rewards & Recognition Workgroup, and the UNT System Performance Management Workgroup. These groups will be comprised of representatives from across with system with various expertise and backgrounds. 

If you have ideas or feedback, please fill out this feedback form.

System-wide Committees

  1. Cross-enterprise representation
  2. Integrate values into processes
    • Communication
    • Hiring
    • Recognition
    • Accountability
  3. Establish uniformity and consistency

Campus Committees

  1. Linkage to enterprise committees
  2. Implement System-wide values and processes at campus
  3. Values Advocates
    • Promote inclusion and engagement
    • Create values awareness
    • Celebrate values
    • Recognize people living our values

Listen, Learn, & Give Feedback

  1. Attend values rollout events
  2. Submit ideas and feedback via this feedback form

Join the Journey kicked off in October 2022

The information sessions took place in October 2022 and were hybrid, meaning they were in-person and online.  One of the sessions is below for your viewing.

Please view the presentation slides that were presented at the information sessions.


What is the benefit of a values-based organization?  It gives us a sense of one team, a sense of how to engage and support each other.  Importantly, sharing a common purpose gives us a sense of unity.

If you can't understand what is going on, it's hard to collaborate and have trust.  Communications is not a monologue.  It needs to go both ways.  In this environment, we need to start at the campus level and move up so that our job is to make sure we help the campuses achieve their goals.