Frequently Asked Questions

System Regulations are policies that are approved by the Chancellor and apply to all four components of the University of North Texas System (UNT, UNT Health Science Center, UNT Dallas, and UNT System Administration).

System Administration Policies are policies approved by the Chancellor that apply only to the System Administration (that is, not to UNT, UNT Dallas, or UNT Health Science Center).

After the need for a new regulation or policy is identified, the subject matter expert creates a draft. The Policy Manager assists by ensuring the draft is complete and consistent with the UNT System Policy Style Guide. After review by any stakeholders identified by the subject matter expert, the final draft is submitted to the UNT System Office of General Counsel for legal sufficiency review. If necessary, the draft is returned to the subject matter expert for required changes and resubmitted for review.

After a regulation or policy is approved for legal sufficiency, it must be reviewed and approved by the Vice Chancellors and finally by the Chancellor. Some regulations or policies may also require approval by the Board of Regents.

Policy is an official governing statement that has been formally reviewed and approved to provide guidance in the administration of the University of North Texas System Administration.

Procedures are documents that detail how to implement a policy. Policy is the “what” and procedures are the “how.”

Please contact the UNT System Policy Manager with any questions regarding the policy process or policy management.

The UNT System PolicyTech website is the official repository of all UNT System Administration Policies and System Regulations. This website is where the most current and up to date version of all UNT System Administration Policies and System Regulations are posted and organized by topic into chapters.

Contact the Policy Manager at for help getting started.  You can also use the UNT System Office of General Counsel Legal Sufficiency Review Guide and UNT System Policy Style Manual for further guidance.

Polices that are accessed through PolicyTech can be downloaded and printed. You can also share a policy using the url link in the overview tab of a policy.