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Welcome to the UNT System Administration policy home page. This website is the official repository for all UNT System Administration Policies as well as UNT System Regulations. The policy home page also contains information including an overview of the policy process, links to tools for policy and regulation drafting, and links to UNT System campus policy websites.

The Policy Manager is responsible for managing the policy process for UNT System Administration Policies as well as UNT System Regulations. The policy process includes the development, review, approval, and maintenance of UNT System Administration Policies and UNT System Regulations. The Policy Manager works with policy and regulation owners to develop and revise System Administration Policies and System Regulations.

For questions regarding the System Regulation or System Administration Policy process, please contact the Policy Manager at

Policy Hierarchy Chart

  Applicability Managed By
Regents Rules All UNTS components Office of General Counsel
Regulations All UNTS components System Administration Policy Manager
Policies Specified UNTS component Institutional Policy Offices

Note: Many of the files below are published in PDF format, which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. Adobe also provides tools to make PDF files accessible to those who are visually impaired.

Policy Changes: UNT System Administration Policies

Recently Added

Recently Revised

Recently Deleted

  • 03.116 Contracted Workforce (1/23/2020)
  • 03.117 Contracted Workforce- Outsourcing (1/23/2020)
  • 03.109 Payroll Deadlines (11/13/19)
  • 03.110 Electronic Funds Transfer- EFT of Salary (11/13/19)
  • 03.112 Optional Group Insurance Programs (11/13/19)
  • 03.212 Exit Meeting and Termination Clearance (11/13/19)

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