Frequently Asked Questions

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A culture built on values requires continuous discipline. Even if you are happy with the way your people are executing the values and behaviors, you must be constantly vigilant and revisit your progress on a regular basis. Organizations that succeed with culture change over the long term have a plan for continuous improvement.

Our goals are:

  1. Build a true sense of "one organization and one team."
  2. Grow as one team: engage, support, and unify our people.
  3. Attract and retain the best faculty, staff, and students.
  4. Sustain a high level of excellence in education, research, philanthropy, and performance.
  5. Always contribute to the communities we serve.

We engaged an outside partner, People Ink, to help guide us. People Ink has a proven record of success in helping companies improve their customer experience by defining and integrating values and behaviors into their business practices and operational systems.  
People Ink’s process involves a series of Join the Journey sessions, where everyone across the entire System is encouraged to engage and provide input around the UNT System values. Then, in November, 125 representatives from across the entire UNT System and at varies levels of employment, will gather over two days in November to establish system-wide values.   
During the workshop, we worked in groups to make recommendations, democratically agree on the critical few values and their definitions, as well as supporting behaviors and their definitions. We targeted no more than five values, based on studies that suggest, on average, people can more easily retain a list of 3-5 items.

This journey will evolve. The values for the System will not take away the unique culture of each campus; but rather help to align and unify our values 

We are depending on all of you to tell us how things should work; you are the ones who are doing the tasks and know how it can be improved.  "What can I do in my daily job to make this a better place overall?"  That is why these values will come from you, not from the top down.

Creating a values-based system will:

  • Help you understand what is expected of yourself and others in your interactions. 
  • Benefit you with cross-organizational knowledge, expertise and best practices. 
  • Guide your organization to attract, hire, and retain the best people who live our values.
  • Support you to feel valued and appreciated.
  • Create an environment where you enjoy coming to work.
  • Follow the Join the Journey webpage.
  • Express interest to your supervisor about serving on a team and use this feedback form
  • Participate in the Values Pledge - Become a Values Advocate
  • Attend the Values Rollout events

Please contact us via this feedback form with questions, concerns or recommendations.