Shaping Our Culture

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Empowering one another to make values-based decisions creates a culture of promoting individual potential. The UNT System strives on being quality stewards of resources, while encouraging the growth, well-being, and success of our employees, students, and the people we serve. The UNT System combines the strength of our people and a forward-thinking approach of creating new ideas and maintaining the values-based decisions approach.

Our values shape our culture and our work environment, and in the long run, this approach will benefit our employees and our students. Furthermore, our values will prepare our students for critical and important decisions, and will assist them in interaction and engagement with others.

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The Chancellor's Vision

By 2026, the UNT System is one team, values-driven and customer-focused with an emphasis on excellence, curiosity, and innovation.


Build a Unified Values-based Culture

  1. Build a true sense of one organization and one team.
  2. Grow as one team: engage, support, and unify our people.
  3. Attract and retain the best faculty, staff, and students.
  4. Sustain a high level of excellence in education, research, philanthropy, and performance.
  5. Always contribute to the communities we serve



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Build a Sustainable High-performance Culture

Based on the People Ink Built on Values® Culture System and the book, Built on Values, by Ann Rhoades.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Building a sustainable organizational culture is intentional, systematic, and continuous.
  2. Leaders Drive Values > Behaviors > Culture > Performance.
  3. The foundation of a healthy high-performing culture is the Values Blueprint: Values and Behaviors.
  4. Engage employees and stakeholders in the Built on Values® process.

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Key Dates

Checkmark completed September - October 2022 Chancellor's Listening Tour (to include values journey)
Checkmark completed October 26 - 28, 2022 Join the Journey Campus Sessions
Checkmark completed November 7 - 8, 2022 Values Blueprint Workshop
Checkmark completed November - December 2022 Form Committee and Task Teams
In Progress Q4 2023 Values-based Hiring Strategy
In Progress Q4 2023 Recognition and Rewards
In Progress Q4 2023 Performance Management