Compliance Alerts and Headlines

New Legislation Strengthens and Demonstrates Importance of Institutional Compliance Programs

August 2023

AUSTIN - This summer, Governor Greg Abbott signed legislation that expands the confidentiality offered by public institution of higher education compliance programs.  Senate Bill 336 revised section 51.971 of the Texas Education Code to allow compliance programs to maintain the anonymity of agents and contractors who act on behalf of their institutions if they report suspected wrongdoing.  Previously, this protection only covered officers and employees of the institution.  According to the bill analysis, the purpose of the revised law is to encourage more reporting of compliance issues.

The UNT System Administration Compliance & Ethics Program encourages third-parties acting on behalf of the UNT System, as well as employees, to act in an ethical, honest and lawful manner, and reminds them of their obligation to report suspected conduct that does not comply with federal or state law, UNT System Regents Rules, UNT System Regulations, or applicable campus or System Administration policies.