The responsibility for educating and training today’s and tomorrow’s state, national and global leaders carries with it the duty to adhere to the highest ethical standards and principles. The System Administration embraces this responsibility and has adopted an Ethics and Standards of Conduct policy to guide the decisions and behaviors of the organization and its employees.   

Organization Ethics and Values

The UNT System acts through its people. As an organization, System Administration employees are expected to model exceptional standards and act in the best interest of our community through honesty, transparency, and authenticity. System Administration employees also are expected to hold themselves and others who act on behalf of the System accountable for ethical decisions, behaviors, actions, and results. Doing this instills trust and confidence in the integrity of actions taken by the entire UNT System. 

Employee Ethics and Values

The UNT System Administration Ethics and Standards of Conduct policy creates a shared culture of ethical decision-making, ethical behavior, and compliance with applicable laws, Regents Rules, System Regulations and System Administration policies. This culture is consistent with the UNT System’s values and the System Administration's Ethics and Standards of Conduct policy, which establish the baseline by which employees are expected to perform their duties and responsibilities. These standards of conduct and ethical principles apply to all System Administration employees regardless of position or title.

Third-Party Ethical Conduct

In adhering to the System Administration Ethics and Standards of Conduct policy, each employee is expected to communicate the standards and principles set out in this policy to parties acting on behalf of the UNT System. Communicating our standards, principles, and values to our third-party vendors advances our commitment to compliance, to excellence, and to our community.