Assets are reusable content in Omni CMS that provide a single source of content for use on multiple pages, such as web forms or contact information.

When the asset is edited and published, the content automatically updates on each page the asset was placed on.

You cannot edit an asset on a page, but must open the original asset to make and save any changes. If you have access, Assets are under the Content tab of the Omni menu bar.

Using an Asset

Assets are added to pages while you are editing the content. To add an asset to a page:

  1. While in an open editable region, click the "Insert Asset" icon in the toolbar. asset icon
  2. Choose an asset from the "Select Asset" box. You can filter assets by tag, type, or name.
  3. Click on Insert to place the asset into the page.
  4. Asset content is only viewable when your page is Previewed, not while in Edit mode.