PM: Jeannine Vail

CM: Jackie Miller

Architect: Corgan, Machado Silvetti

Contractor: Hunt Construction

Substantial Completion Date: January, 2019

Budget: $70,000,000

GSF: 138,467

The College of Visual Arts and Design (CVAD) is currently housed in seven facilities across the Denton campus. With the construction of this project, the College’s operations and instructional activities will be much more consolidated. This will be a multi-story building with a brick façade located east of the existing Art Building. The facility includes classrooms, computer laboratories, teaching labs, study areas, seminar rooms, multimedia learning, art galleries, student exhibition spaces, and critique areas. The additional space will accommodate new and expanding programs within CVAD. It will also include advanced and graduate student studios, administrative offices, meeting rooms, and informal work areas. The project also includes renovation of the existing building.

Project Status: Completed

Campus: University of North Texas

UNT College of Visual Arts and Design