PM: Julie Sands, Cassandra Nash

CM: Chad Joyce

Architect: Stantec

Contractor: Turner Construction

Substantial Completion Date: February, 2019

Budget: $56,000,000

GSF: 107,000

This project will renovate the historic Dallas Municipal Building to accommodate five hundred (500) law students for day and evening classes. These renovations will provide permanent facilities for the UNT Dallas College of Law and allow for continued enrollment growth. When complete, the renovations will provide state-of-the-art flexible classrooms, seminar rooms, instructional lab spaces, an expanded law library, an on-site clinic resource center, faculty and administrative offices, and other support areas for students, faculty and staff. These spaces will maximize collaborative learning throughout the student's legal education by providing classroom and seminar environments typical of a law school. The on-site clinic space will include interview and counsel workspaces, faculty offices, and necessary support spaces to maximize the student simulation experience.

Project Status: Completed

Campus: UNT Dallas