PM: Traci Jones

CM: Jay Henson

Architect: Huitt-Zollars

Contractor: Pogue Construction

Substantial Completion Date: September, 2019

Budget: $14,000,000

GSF: 3,000

This project will demolish the remaining portions of the existing Fouts Field structure and field. Once demolished, surface parking of approximately 1,100 additional spaces will be constructed. The existing parking lot will be reconstructed and reconfigured as necessary to accommodate efficient use. A new bus transfer station will also be constructed as part of this project that provide protection from the elements and will house restrooms and vending machines for riders.  Once the construction of the new parking spaces is complete, Lot 20 will be one of the largest surface parking lots on the main campus and will be the transportation hub for connections to external DCTA routes.

Project Status: Completed

Campus: University of North Texas