PM: Janna Morgan

CM: Harald McFarling

Architect: Halff Associates

Contractor: Austin Commercial

Substantial Completion Date: February, 2012

Budget: $4,000,000

GSF: 3,000

Research within the clean room was planned to be interdisciplinary from a broad range of engineering and science disciples. The clean room includes a Class 100 lithography area and a Class 10,000 wet and dry processing and characterization area. Highlights of the tool list include: Electron Beam Lithography/Scanning Electron Microscope; Electron Bean and Sputtering Combo Thin Film Deposition System; Thermal Evaporation Thin Film Deposition System; Direct Write Maskless Laser Lithography System; Reactive Ion Etchers (RIE). The nanofabrication Cleanroom and CART facilities are also adjacent to UNT's new technology incubator, providing start-up companies with access to state-of-the-art resources. Arrangements can also be made to accommodate the needs of users from outside the university.

Project Status: Completed

Campus: University of North Texas