PM: Jan Mak

CM: Chad Joyce

Architect: Moody Nolan

Contractor: Austin Commercial

Substantial Completion Date: March, 2019

Budget: $63,000,000

GSF: 153,000

This project will construct the third major building on the UNT Dallas campus. This technologically advanced multi-purpose facility will serve students, faculty and staff by providing library spaces, which do not currently exist on campus, and enhanced spaces for student support services. There is an entire wing dedicated to providing “one-stop” student support services including seminar rooms, math and writing labs, a tutoring center, study skills programs, and accessibility services. The building will also house an IT helpdesk and will feature digital initiatives such as media production services, testing facilities, a Maker Space, distance learning, and videoconferencing. This facility will also feature a Knowledge Commons library, a media library, a curriculum materials center, archives, and special collections. A large Campus Hall and conference space will accommodate faculty development and public outreach gatherings.

Project Status: Completed

Campus: UNT Dallas

UNT Dallas Student Learning and Success Center